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Since establishing Innovana Event Management in 2017, the team have organized a wide and varied range of events weddings, dinners, product launches and indoor/outdoor concerts.

We are a company that manages an event to achieve a stated goal as determined by the client. We will come up with ideas, develop a critical path, write a budget for an event, seek sponsorship and provide a series of experts in various fields of entertainment, education, design, strategic planning, food & beverage, presentation and copy writing, or whatever is required.

Innovana Event Management works with individuals and companies or as part of a committee. We are happy to act as sole organizer or become part of the steering team. We can provide all of the ideas or become another resource in a brainstorming team. In all cases we undertake the responsibility and management of the day to day minutiae that go into organizing any event.

We bring experience and creativity together to deliver events that surpass expectations through the integrated use of our team’s unique set of skills. We operate with integrity, energy and attention to detail. Our creative team can maximize your brand to create stunning, professional and clever visual communication across print and electronic media using a range of technical and creative skills. With a full service communications offering we provide assistance using a suite of communication tools whether it’s issue management, marketing, media training, strategic advice or media management. From production coordination, stage management, entertainment, lighting and the ability to create that ‘magic moment’. Avenues entertainment helps to create slick, seamless and memorable moments.

Innovana Event Management specialises in large-scale events for individual and public clients. Our in-house team of designers and architects creates environments that combine advanced technology with refined craftsmanship.

Our commitment to innovative design is matched by our responsive client service. We thrive on challenges, and we look forward to working with you.


We begin by listening to your goals and ideas. Then we give our imagination free reign to develop an innovative guiding concept. We illustrate the overall design with detailed sketches.


Now we finalize all the details that create the space. Project details may include everything from the design and placement of a single light fixture to the complex engineering specifications of an outdoor structure. We consider how the space will look by day and by night, how people will move through it, and how to minimize wear and tear.


Onsite, we spend hundreds of hours installing thousands of components that make each project unique. We handpick the expert leader of each team—lighting, carpentry, and welding—and we inspire and guide these professionals every step of the way. The result is a space in which all the details come together to create a harmonious whole.


After our team members have completed their work, we take a critical look at the entire project. During this final walk-through, we make subtle adjustments in keeping with our client’s expectations. By taking the time to fine-tune every aspect, we ensure a seamless project launch.


“Innovana Event Ltd” is a combination of specialist outfits that provide high impact solution to the desire needs of clients in the multi-faced list text hereand dynamic arena of a communication.


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